RealTime Article: Missing in action by Kathryn Kelly

Excerpt from RealTime issue # 127 June-July 2015 pg.14

by Kathryn Kelly

“‘Delegated performance’ is the act of hiring non-professionals or specialists in other fields to be present and performing…on behalf of the artist, and following his or her instructions.” Claire Bishop, “Delegated performance: outsourcing authenticity,” October, No 140, Spring 2012.

Flying or falling, supported or bound, what are the visible and invisible structures in landscape and culture that hold our vulnerable bodies in suspension? These are the strictures explored in the new solo exhibition at Metro Arts by Melbourne-based performance artist Mira Oosterweghel.

In the essay accompanying the exhibition, academic Anne Marsh comments that Oosterweghel has rapidly built “a strong practice in the field of body art and delegated performance.” The latter is a distinctive preoccupation for a young Australian performance artist in a small national scene that still heavily emphasises the actual artist’s presence.

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